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Song for County coming onto the field
Now that we're billy big time, I think we should have our signature tune like Hearts, bigot bros, everton etc just before and when we arrive onto the pitch that we can all sing and a song as good as Sunshine on leith. An old drinking friend by the name of Kirsty P has terrifically suggested, Glen Campbell, Wichita Lineman. I can see it now 6000 people singing "I am a lineman for the County" as we walk on, hairs on the neck stuff. Any other suggestions are welcome but you known this can't be topped.

I like the wolfstone track. Caley tried to create a song when they entered div 3 and the results still haunt me.
The liquidator by harry j all stars also sung by chelsea fans and obviously replacing the chelsea with county
I know, lets think outside the box! Heres a song I think would be good, the dance could catch on too!

Stagy4Life, unless Amy Macdonald was their herself singing it, the song is just bland.

There's nothing wrong with what we have, its lasted us well, and it wouldn't be the same if the pipes and the drums of Zeto didn't play as the players came out the tunnel. Many things have had to change for us getting to the SPL, but we have to keep some things traditional.
"the beach balls are burst" Derek Adams 19/05/13
The Voice - John Farnham.
(08-10-2012, 11:53 AM)Mambo82 Wrote: The Voice - John Farnham.

You play this, people sing it too. Practically every other suggestion I've seen on this forum since people got obssessed with songs doesn't work, have they actually heard anyone, let alone themselves trying to sing them?
Highland cathedral?

(08-10-2012, 12:30 PM)stirlingshire_staggie Wrote: Highland cathedral?
Actually Nevermind the lyrics are about eagles and caledonia.....
[Image: Welcometothehighlands-1.jpg]
The liquidator is a good one, its simple,its well known and it can help the crowd find their voices.

Most of the suggestions are embarrassing and laughable and wont catch on.

I think people are over complicating the songs.

Chelsea fans singing in Munich before the game
knowing me DY NO MITE
knowing you OTB AHA!!
One of the best. Not a local band but Scottish. If the intro doesnt get you hyped up and the chorus doesnt get you punching the air as you sing along then frankly nothing will. A rip roaring intro and some meaty sing along lyrics.
I give you The Skids and Into the Valley. Ahoy Ahoy!!
(I dont care if its used by another team either)
Into the Valley is a great song, but it is already used by Dunfermline when they run on to the pitch. Stuart Adamson was famously a Pars fan, so they probably have more claim to the song than we do!

I remember Len used to play Knights of Cydonia before matches, that could be a good one to bring back.
Some Wolfstone would do me nicely.

Heroes by David Bowie
Nope. Stick with our distinctive and stirring Highland choon. Because it reflects our identity and it is distinctive, stirring and Highland.

Plus we're not going to have a chorus of thousands singing so let's not embarrass ourselves singing pop songs to welcome the team.
When there is the mood for some singing there is still plenty scope for it without needing canned music to follow.

Keep our Wolfstone tune. We can even clap to it, bounce to it and birl to it. If the mood takes us we can sing along with it:
"Dada-da-da. Dadada-da!" etc
Malky Mackay - he's our new manager
(08-10-2012, 03:15 PM)ProCounty Wrote: Heroes by David Bowie

This song is getting old fast these past few weeks! :p
I reckon a song needs to be simple have a strong beat and be well known if its going get the atmosphere going
Some suggestions How about
Lets Get Retarded (single version Started) - Black Eyed Peas
Delilah - Alex Harvy Band or Pretty Vacent - Sex Pistols or Two Princes - Spin Dctors
Get it On - (T Rex) but prefer The Power Station or I Can See Clearly Now - Hot House Flowers
What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong, Rocky Mountain Way or Lifes Been Good - Joe Walsh
Heaven is aHalf Pipe - OPM, All Star - Smash Mouth, Play that funky Music - Wild Cherry
Shout - The Isley Bros, Feeling Good - Muse, Change is Gonna Come - Olly Murs,
I Love Rock n Roll (Ross County) - Joan Jett, Make Me Smile - Cockney Rebel, Fun Luvin Criminals - Fun Luvin Crimnals, Good Riddance - Green Day,
Wolfstone or Pink Floyds several small species of furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving with a pict but probably Wolfstone
Can some people please think before they make embarrasing posts, pretty much every song that has been suggested in this thread would not work at a football match.
knowing me DY NO MITE
knowing you OTB AHA!!
The only viable options are "Lady Humps" by the Black Eyed Peas or "Danger! High Voltage" by Electric Six.
Has to be a Runrig tune, fairly local-ish boys, from the Highlands, music that is probably already associated with this part of Scotland and would make a decent atmosphere.

I suggest this...

or this ...


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