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Champions celebrations video
On the official website there is a link to the game v Hamilton showing highlights of before and after the gameSmile
Not the best edited video(a bit like Football First when they missed the goals) but still a nice wee reminder of a great day and i spotted myself and the bairns in it a couple of timesCool
And there's also a couple of corkers at about 1 min in a lad 're-arranging' himself in the jailend and later on during a champions bounce in the jailend there's one guy standing there who looks like he's miles awayBig Grin
Just seen that Stuart Taylor posted link on different thread yesterday doh!!
What a wonderful wonderful day. I was like a stressed monkey trying to get up to Dingwall in time for it but sooooo glad I was there.

Will we ever see the like again??

I hope my 3 year old son will remember something from it. He is still going on about the "Blue fire works at Ross County" so there may be a small chance!

??? Of course there will be many many special days to come!

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