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Enclosed are attendances this term so far.

Good to see a near 16% rise and good average.
Pinch of salt taken tho looking at some of the GES games on tv highlights?.
More punters = More sheckles for the January window and to keep any out of contracts

Bit worrying for the Saints.
Wow look at the Jambos. They really didnt like that Cathro loon.
No Caley, sorry forgot this is the top league, No numbers for has beens?

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Great to see the increase this season.

I think Hearts (huge) increase will be down to playing at a bigger stadium, Murrayfield.

But increased turnouts for the whole league is a great sign, I don't think the league has ever been as competitive or as strong (obviously excluding celtic).
Incredibly misleading to look at these figures out of context of course. There's no clarity over what the percentage changes are relative to (same quarter last season, corresponding fixtures from last season, whole of last season, the highs, the lows, or the average).

I would surmise it's the change in average attendance from last years full season to this years "quarter" in which case the figures would be very misleading. Some in depth analysis to get the true picture could of course be done if anyone could be bothered.

As an example, our figures are skewed by the fact that this season we've already had Rangers, Aberdeen & Hearts visit, that's 3 of the 4 biggest travelling supports we'll get. Our % will drop severely in the next quarter as a result.

Also, Hamilton's numbers are through the roof as they've had Celtic, Rangers, Hearts & Motherwell all visit so far.
.: Ours, is the Fury :.

I do know that reducing the price of the Jail End season ticket to £200 has taken in around 400 extra season tickets this season - a lot of new faces in the Jail End which is good to see - these extra bods hopefully spend on food, drink, merchandise etc..
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