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Is there trouble ahead?
I have just been contacted by one of my mates who has heard a rumour we are late in filing our return to companies house this year. he forwarded me a link to a website (theoffshoregame.net) which mentioned we were 3 months late in September in doing this and he has sibsequently heard it is still outstanding 3mths later.

Has anyone else heard about this or is it just me?
Looks like this is correct, but for the holding company not the trading company. Annual return was due 18 June 2016. This is not the financial accounts, but a statement of shareholding/directors etc

For the trading company ROSS COUNTY FOOTBALL CLUB (1998) LIMITED, the return is not due until 23 Dec, The financial accounts they are not due until 31 March 2017.
Hopefully we will never require it.
But! like our Tonks neighbours!
Could always try and get hand outs from Highland Council.
OH! NO! we can't, Caley have milked that one dry, nothing left in the pot for anyone else.
On the subject, how did Tullochs acquire that land from Highland Council?
Or, are they just giving them the stands, but not the land?
Immoral Cow Den Bender
Land still owned by council. Its just the stands
When GEG Holding Limited's loan of £469,996 was converted into shares in the company on 17 September 2015 they became the ultimate parent undertaking for the trading company. This is explained in notes 19 & 20 of the accounts submitted in for the period ending 30 June 2015. This information is available at companies house. Just google "companies house beta" do a search for the club and you will find lots of interesting financial information about the club.

So you can tell your mate the club is not in trouble. Quite the opposite if you look at the balance sheet. The real problem according to the accounts is that employment costs (wages, pension etc) at £2.8M is higher than income of £2.4M . The club made a loss of £1.6M in that period and is only healthy because Roy wrote off a loan of £1.6M in that period.
Expenditure (on employment costs alone) > Income.


These are probably the good times - I hope there is a long term plan for sustainability.
Malky Mackay - he's our new manager

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