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Dundee Away - Christmas Jumper day
That win is going to come I know things haven't been going our way but at least we are picking points
Thought the team looked pretty decent again today, really impressed with Fraser and Kenny. Dingwall had one of his best games for county as well but he still really needs to improve his crossing as it let him down today when he was in some really good areas. We definitely deserved a win I thought but it really wouldn't have surprised me if Dundee had nicked a winner and there would be nothing to show for the good performance. Taking chances is so important especially when the league is as tight as it is! Looking forward to the Aberdeen game next week where it'll take another good performance to get something from the game.
(12-10-2016, 11:43 PM)Strathpefferstaggie Wrote: That win is going to come I know things haven't been going our way but at least we are picking points

The win is coming!
3 points against Aberdeen.
3 points against Partick
Pump the Caley for another 3 points.
And HEY-HO, another great Xmas and end to the year.
Guys, this is looking more like a top six team, we are getting there.
A bit more fire power up front, perhaps a signing in the window, a good strong midfielder.
Good Scottish Cup run, final!
Thank-you Santa.

And! Rangers were bang out of order today.
My Jambo mate reckons they cut the Wi-Fi in the stadium.
Hence the reason, Cathro could not get his tablet working, and therefore lost the game.
My message, stick to paper notes.
Immoral Cow Den Bender
Decent enough game for a nil nil. We were the better team ,no doubt,, but for our possession ,especially in the first 20 mins ,we should be getting in front. We had two softish shouts for pens in first half,don't know how much contact Boyce had on the defender for his disallowed goal,but he did have his two hands out toward the defenders back when he jumped.
They had one chance basically.
Did anyone notice that the ref blew for full time whist Shalke was heading toward goal,ball at feet, not exactly play being in a "dead phase".?
Good performance,but Jay picked up another yellow,he is out of Dons game already though.
Dow got booked,taking one for the team,good foul at the centre line!
Really should have been 3pts, if Dundee had sneaked a win at the end it would have been gutting.

Decent performance, some nice play but too often our final cross was poor or decision was wrong. 
Not for the first time in recent weeks you came away thinking that if Burke had been playing we would have won that.

Looked a great save from Schalk's diving header, Dundee did have a great chance tho. 

Fraser, Kenny, Boyce and Routis all had good performances, Routis especially impressed me with his box to box play.

Although he still worries me sometimes, we'll miss McEveley v Aberdeen next week. Good partnership with Davies.

A good day out, last away day bus for a while.

Just noticed the highlights are on BBC Alba tonight at 10pm.
I stick by what I said after the Hamilton game. With Burke in the current line up we're top six, without him we'll struggle. Without him we have one decent wide player , far fewer decent crosses, we miss his dead ball skills particularly at corners and because of all that we don't get as many clear cut chances. IMO he makes the difference between a draw and a win.
Watched it on Alba last night, from the highlights we played some nice constructive football which is a big improvement from the hopeful long upfield punt, we're begining to look like a footballing side now.
Defensively my main concern was defending the back post from crosses, three or four times in the 1st half Fraser lost out at the back post allowing a header back across goal which is worrying as he’s supposed to be a centre half. Same happened to VDW a couple of times and he also has a tendency to get caught wrong side but he managed to recover. Other that that the defence played well and I like the fact we were prepared to play out rather than the hopeful hoof. Signs of progress.
Dingwall put himself about well but looked rusty and Dow took one for the team, something we haven’t been prepared to do in the past and its cost us when teams have broken on us. I do like the look of Routis and Chow together, they're a very solid pairing but with them being solid and defensive we need real threat on both wings, Midge put in his usual shift but I'm sory to say we missed Burke. I also thought Midge was struggling with the speed of the surface when trying to go past a player and with close control.
Was the grass particularly long and sticky? Many simple passes were slightly under hit turning them into only just got there / 50 50s and some interceptions. I felt if we had zipped the ball we could have broken them down much easier, perhaps the team’s been training on the artificial pitch. Thoughts about the surface fromthose in attendance would be interesting as I may just be blowing smoke.

Other than the back post crosses Dundee offered nothing going forward so they really were there for the taking. Couldn’t see anything wrong with Boyce’s goal and their keeper made a fantastic save to deny Schalk. Summing up, good footballing performance which deserved a win but the spine of the team Fox, Davies, McEverley, Routis, Curran and Boyce is definitely something positive to build on for the rest of the season.
Mon County but the Sheep will be a very different proposition.

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