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Looking to the future
Roy has promised future investment & stability providing we stay up
Link - http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/32297239
Given he has also reiterated his intention to offer longer term player contracts the time is approaching when the club must decide who they want to offer contracts to for next season and potentially the following 2 seasons.

With all the ins and outs this season I'm not sure where we are, who’s actually in the squad, what contracts they are on and which of these I think can do a job for us.

I have an idea of who I would like to sign on for at least next season but would like the views of those more in the know and those who watch the Development games.

AS a caveat given we are not yet safe don’t let this be a distraction for any player who may read this. Please just the ones you’d want to keep and what contract should be offered with the reason. It would probably be good if someone could provide a definitive squad list together with their contracts.

If a mod can think of a better way of doing this please feel free to modify this thread.
I think Roy knows that, if he can majority of the first team down to longer deals, then we'll have a really good chance of staying up the next few seasons. This is a really good group of players McIntyre has assembled and keeping as many as possible is key.

We have really good young players in Fraser (20), Frempah (20), Reckord (23), Dingwall (20), Irvine (22), Kiss (24), Boyce (24), Curran (25) and Jervis (23).

Add that onto the experience of Brown (34), Quinn (29), Boyd (28), Meite (34), Woods (29), Brittain (31), Gardyne (29) and De Vita (27).

The likes of Miller and Macleod coming through the youth system aswell.

This is a really good group of players, which is well balanced age-wise, and Roy will be hoping to tie as many down as he can. I think once survival is ensured, we'll start to see players committing their futures to us quite quickly.
Heres a list from January of players out of contract at the end of the season
Antonio Reguero, Mark Brown, Paul Quinn, Scott Boyd, Darren Barr, Ben Frempah, Steven Saunders, Rocco Quinn, Filip Kiss, Terry Dunfield, Richard Brittain, Joe Cardle, Graham Carey, Steven Ross, Jake Jervis, Liam Boyce - 16 + I suppose we can add De Vita to that as well.
Cut, cut, keep, keep, you're cut, keep, waaaaaaaaaay cut, gone, gone, oh so cut, think he has another year?, cut, cut, cut, cut, his option has vested, and finally you made it De Vita. Also Jackson Irvine is out of contract at Celtic, I think. I'm easy either way on him but he is quite dreamy and we need more dreamy players or so I'm told. On the other hand, I'm sure Craig Curran won't be hard to negotiate with whichever division we are in.

That's a heck of a turnover again. Is Kiss out of contract at Cardiff? I'd bring him back if so.

Might keep Reguero as back up.
Yeah Kiss is out of contract with Cardiff also out of contract are Cowie and Vigurs... But maybe that's more suited to the Speculation Thread.
Jackson Irvine is out of contract this summer, but I think Kiss still has another year on his Cardiff deal.
I would love nothing more than to see Don Cowie back at Ross County. I can't see it happening but even if it is a coaching role.
Without touching on specific players, I believe it would be prudent to have a mix of one, two and three year contracts so that we never again have to risk losing the bulk of the squad in one fell swoop.
Please no Reguero, he was awful at Caley and I havn't seen any improvement with us. Carey and Rocco also add nothing to the squad unless you like terrible freekicks and corners from the former and tackles my five year old daughter would be ashamed off from the later. Kiss Irvine Boyd Boyce Di Vita and a few of the others would be a boost for the coming season in my eyes
For me get rid of Reguero and Jervis and then get midge and Irvine on permeant deals

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