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OTB High Rollers Thread
Shall anyone be putting a line on tonight? I've had a mixed fortunes so far this season!

A few teams with a lot to play for tonight, and others that will be going through the motions.

Earlier in the year I had one or two attempts at the fiver challenge (put a fiver on at 1:3, then roll the winnings onto another 1:3... and so on. within 26 bets you'll land £8k - in theory). Needless to say I have not won!

'Fraid to say that no one would ever win 26 times in row on 1/3 shots. Unless you happened to be handsome, from Cromarty and very Carroty topped.

Huddersfield did me in today. Boo.
Aye, it's just a bit of fun. Read about a few chaps on another forum cashing in at a few hundred.

My online bookmaker will think there is something seriously wrong with me this week, I've withdrawn funds for a change!
If anyone is wanting a tip, well if PAOK Salonika and Ruban Kazan draw on Thursday both teams will go through at Spurs expense. The odds reflect this with the best price of a draw at 6/4.
Looking ahead to Saturday, Norwich are 5/1 to win at Everton- tempting

I made an obscene amount of money continually backing the Canaries last season
"The heart of the club is the fan. The board and the chairman are custodians. The staff are transient. But the fan is there forever"

Roy Macgregor, April 2013
No festive luck for me at the weekend - Newcastle let me down.

Games coming thick and fast the next fortnight, good times!

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