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Booing or abusing our own players?
Offering constructive criticism or venting frustration at technical inadequacies is one thing, simply booing or being abusive is entirely another. The first is understandable, the latter is counter-productive and unhelpful for all involved.

Jim Fenlon has not proved to be a successful signing but is that really his fault? Especially after only a few months at the club. We should support our players, not shout abuse. It's not like he came out and slated fans or anything.
I can name quite a few players who arrived at a variety of clubs and had a rough start, including abuse yet turned out to be canny signings in the end.
At Newcastle there have been Warren Barton, Barry Venison, Antoine Sibierski and, most of all, Kevin Gallacher to name a few.

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people need to remember that fenlon is still only a young lad at 20. Would we treat him like that if he were from the highlands?
Fenlon has always looked good going forward, even during his short spell on Tuesday. If he can add some defending to that he can still develop into a useful player. He's certainly young enough to benefit from some good coaching. I'm sure that's what he will be getting.

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