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Celtic Match
No topic on this game yet.
People forgotten about it, or just worried about it?

It obviously going to be a tough game, and if we get anything out of it, then it'll be a bonus. But Celtic have not had the best of records up here so lets hope that continues.

No team news yet though, so not sure how De Leeuw is after picking up a knock on Saturday - he's the only concern I think
Hopefully Celtic have a European hangover!
De Leeuw unlikely to make it (Wed P&J).

I'm just hoping BT Sport use some of the questions from Savage Henry and me for the pre-match interview with Brittain and Carey...

But more seriously, I'd take a drab 0-0. We need something to stop the rot of recent weeks and hopefully last week's call-off against St Mirren signals a turning point in the season.

Can't see us getting anything from this.

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As a player you always get up for the big games no matter recent form the teams in. I think everyone of these lads will be pumped up for sat. What better way to end a series of poor results then against celtic? Will it be easy not a chance, but with unity this squad has I believe we can grab at least a point especially at home. Come on County!
"How bad do you want it?"
I'd be delighted with a 0-0, 1-1, or A-A.

I am slightly worried by this match...we are due a hiding from Celtic, but hopefully it wont be this weekend, strangely County often up their game against the big boys...and Saturday may well see this again...I would settle for a point.......although an abandonment would also suffice..Smile
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Frozen pitch or an invasion of a flock of Fluffy Sheep to cause an abandoned game.

But if it does go ahead can't see us getting much out of this, if we scrape a point out of it I'll be happy
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De Lueew being a big doubt is a blow. We struggled on Saturday as soon as he went off.

It should mean Brittain comes back in though which should soften the blow. We need to play at a high tempo from the start. Celtic won't fancy it after a Wednesday game in Holland.

We are decent at home, so a point isn't out of the question. I would put Tony Dingwall on the Bench, he was very good for the u20's last night.
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Hearing glowing reports about Alex Cooper in U21 game - was taken off early so he may get a bench spot for the first time this season - shame about De Leeuw, so wonder if this opens the door for Brittain to come back into the side - whatever teams goes out on the pitch, they will be well up for it at home against the Champions!

We should be well up for it as well and give them maximum backing - atmosphere like the Aberdeen game will do me - they scraped a draw against Dundee Utd - so you just never know, and after a taxing CL game - they may take up a weakened side ?

Anyhoo - just happy to be back at The GES shouting on the Staggies!!
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Glad it is on early.
we should have no excuses on Saturday, Celtic are never at their best after the CL, home win for me , worse case a draw.
1-1 Big Grin
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I think I am more worried that they lost Tonight, think it would have been better for us had they won. I am not going to look at previous results but think after they have lost in the CL they have gone on to just win games afterwards?

HOWEVER, we always seem to rise to the challenge so going to go for 2-1, winner for us in injury time.
We beat them after they lost in Turin to juventus so we have a chance
Good point. In zombie mode and was too lazy to look. Aye bring it on!!!

A spokesman for Amsterdam police said a large crowd of Celtic supporters turned on a group of plainclothes police officers in Dam Square, the city's historic heart shortly before 6pm local time, about three hours before kick-off in a match won 1-0 by Ajax.

"The officers took quite a beating," said the spokesman Rob van der Veen. "One of the officers was unconscious, another had his nose broken."

Lets see if they're better behaved on SaturdayAngry
Pepper-spray should do the job again if required.

How are Celtic on the injury front? Scott Brown will come straight back in for this I suppose.
I don't think he played in any of the games here last season? (1-1, 1-1, 3-2), he makes such a difference to that Celtic team though.

I suppose the National Hotel will get pee'd on again.....
There's a fine line between genius and insanity

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