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Ross County Jailbirds Select XI
Latest update on our former players who ended up in porridge (either the hilarious comedy or the slang term for prison), ever popular Alex Williams is now serving at Brenda's pleasure; he joins Gerry Farrell and Adam Strachan in the starting XI.

No away games for you son
I met Alex Williams in a pub in Glasgow last week and was talking to him for a bit. He was slating Scott Leitch but said good things about Amick Ciani and Derek.
Did Paul Bradshaw never end up in jail?
Was a good player in Champ Man.
Designer drugs eh? That's how Messi ended up in that suit.
(01-17-2013, 10:58 PM)Mambo82 Wrote: Did Paul Bradshaw never end up in jail?

I'm sure somebody told me he had been but the best I can come up with is that he was sitting on 15 convictions a couple of years ago.
Absolutely disgraceful comment.
(01-21-2013, 08:51 PM)tattiedave Wrote: Absolutely disgraceful comment.

I think she/he's also got her/his players confused. Newton was the young ginger guy in midfield who actually looked the park. I think he/she means the bald bloke at centre half.

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