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Celtic Match - Ticket Details
I'll no re-post it all, but you can find out the details at the link below

Celtic Ticket Details

I'm unable to get to Dingwall on the Wednesday due to a variety of reasons. That's disappointing, perhaps I need to see if I can get a friend to get me a ticket when they go in with their season ticket.

The unfortunate thing about this is that those who come out of the woodwork are typically the people who get tickets ahead of people who go to games. Although high demand was always to be expected.
I supppose Season Ticket holders have a bit of a responsibilty here to ensure that tickets they are buying are for people wanting to support County, and not falling into the hands of Celtic fans.

No doubt there will be lots of "occasional" fans at this game, but then if there wasn't we'd only have a attendance of a couple of thousand. So I've no problem with the system.

The only people I feel for under this arrangement, are those who live in the central belt and go to almost every away game.
I guess most of them don't have season tickets, and they won't be able to even apply for tickets until the Thursday (since they are not local they can't get to Victoria Park on the Wednesday for the public sale)
Hopefully they will know some season ticket holders that will help them out !
Any idea of the maximum tickets you can buy for as a non-season ticket holder? A few of us are planning on heading up for this?
I'll nip in on Wednesday evening.
(08-31-2011, 07:15 PM)Pesto Wrote: Any idea of the maximum tickets you can buy for as a non-season ticket holder? A few of us are planning on heading up for this?

The press release makes no reference to a maximum amount per sale for non season ticket holders.

How many season ticket holders do we currently have??
No sacrifice no victory 

Since the tickets went on sale this morning
got my tickets this morning for the West stand. It sounded like there weren't many seated tickets left.
Got tickets for the Jailend (I assume) this morning. I had work to go to so have to hope they got it right.
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Got my ticket for Jailend not many stand tickets left but plenty terracing!
At least those who go to the away games will have the chance of getting them on the phones tomorrow morning then.
Didn't get it on Wednesday after all, came in on Thursday morning and got it. Big Grin
Finally got tickets today. asked for 3 tickets.
No stand tickets left. Seems to be a reasonable amount of Terrace tickets left. Not sure of exact number. Anyone with any info on amount left.

ROSS County have issued a rallying cry for a full house under the floodlights against Celtic next week.

Confirming that there are still a number of tickets available for the Scottish Communities League Cup third round tie against Celtic, the Dingwall-based club says that after a week of "frenetic" ticket sales, the East and West stands have now sold out.

Jailend terracing tickets are however still available priced £20 for adults and £10 concessions.

The club’s head of administration, Ranald Gilbert, declared himself delighted with the uptake of tickets so far. “With over a week to go we’re already looking at a home support of over 3,000 with both the stands at capacity.

"We still have a few hundred terracing tickets left but by the time the game kicks off I think we should be looking at similar numbers to the match against Hibs 18 months ago – and I’m sure everyone who was there will remember what an amazing atmosphere there was that night!

"With it being the first time Celtic have travelled to Dingwall for a competitive game I think it’s an occasion where a lot of neutral fans will want to be honorary Staggies for the day!”

Tickets can be purchased during normal office hours (Monday to Friday, 9am – 5 pm) either in person at the Stadium or by calling 01349 860860 and for the first time are also available 24 hours a day via the online shop facility.


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