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Bring Jimmy Back??
Have just read on the BBC website that Hibs have offered Jimmy out on loan until the end of the season, worth a look? Was great during previous spell with us. Box to Box.
I thought you meant Calderwood......
haha nah not him with his "long ball tactics" Jimmy scott, could be handy in the run in even though the league is all but wrapped up! more looking forward to next season, wld be a good bit of competition for ketts in the engine room in the Spl
Bring him home real asset great engine
Gudgie67 aka Gadgie67
Thats what i thought and if we are going to compete in the SPL surely we need to add even more strength in depth? During our run to the Scottish Cup Final Jimmy was inspirational, every game of most rounds i made he was immense, was sad to see him go and can't believe he aint getting a chance at Hibs, Come on Del, bring him home!
He was good but I didn't think he was a standout. Great engine as already mentioned and gave 100% every game but technically I thought he lacked when he got to the final third.

Would be a decent enough addition if we were in the SPL but nothing else. I'd like to think we could attract better midfielders next season but maybe I'm being ambitious.
He was ok in the final third against the tims at hampden in the Scottish Cup semi final!! Big Grin
Pointless. We have all but won promotion so why spend money on a loan player that we don't need? He did not set the heather on fire in the SPL, ok it was with Hibs. I think if we are adding to the team they need to add something extra with next season in mind and not just add to the numbers until the end of the season. I dont think he would even get into the team at the moment.
Fair point. Just worry about our mobility in the middle of the park for the SPL step up. Ketts and Lawson work well for us just now but for next season??
Im not saying Jimmy is the answer was just a very decent player who always gave 100% when he was called upon at the club and covered every blade of grass while doing so. Without midge's creativity next season too their is even more emphasis on our midfield to be creative and support in attack as well as protecting the back 4 when required.
with the league nearly won just the thought of bringing another player in now would be an insult to the current squad besides which they need to sort out the contracts of the 12 players who could be free agents come the end of the season.
That is a concern
I think Kettlewell has done a good job at getting forward and supporting the strikers from midfield.
Agreed also. This isn't a dig at our squad, the achievement of everybody at the club this year has been fantastic, the players have been fantastic but the reality is that we are going to step up a notch next year and del will know he needs to add to the squad to prepare for our first ever SPL season, i just feel that is an area that needs attention.
stu.staggie you seem to have the bit between the teeth on this thread, are you jimmy trying to gauge the fans reaction to a possible return??

I don't see the point at this stage of the season, fine servant of the club as he was during his time here.
I liked him at County but he hasn't really proved himself at SPL level with Hibs (although that might be through no fault of his own) and he was never a standout in this division. He'd be a decent squad player in the SPL I think.

He wouldn't get a game just now anyway. There are better players in the current squad.
am not jimmy no. all of the above i agree with, just noticed on bbc website yesterday when i went onto bbc sport football/scottish jimmy was the main story and it triggered my brain into overdrive-just thought i would float it out their to see the reaction fairly mixed i see, i was a fan of his i have to admit but agree with you strathystaggie ketts has done superb this season and i am in no way belittling him just want us to be in the SPL and hold our own, i'm sure we will be fine, In del we trust and all that. Would like to see another proven striker come in too to take the pressure off mac tho?
First priority would be to replace what we are losing with Midge moving on. And of course a loan to the end of this season is not much help.

So somebody with inventiveness, creativity, pace and great ball skills. Huh

In Del we trust.
Malky Mackay - he's our new manager
(03-29-2012, 05:33 PM)Les Westander Wrote: First priority would be to replace what we are losing with Midge moving on. And of course a loan to the end of this season is not much help.

So somebody with inventiveness, creativity, pace and great ball skills. Huh

In Del we trust.

My suggestion for replacing Midge would be Derek Riordan.....................a real marmite moment that one!

But he is fairly similar to Midge with the added benefit of being proven at SPL level. Plus on his day a great player he aint got a club at the moment after China and im sure he would just want to get away from it and get playing again, we seem to be good at getting the best out of players that have had a wee knock in there career could be inspired.

Plus would wind up all my Jambo mates no end!!

Also not many night clubs in Inverness!!

On the Jimmy front, would be a decent addition and not upset squad harmony at all!!

important as we have seen from the Pars this year.
No sacrifice no victory 
Derek Riordan? Seriously, you must be joking SlatefordStag. Ok, he may have the technical ability but he would be far too disruptive to any dressing room. I would love to see us get either McCluskey or Riley of Dundee, assuming we could get them.

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