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County vs St. Mirren 16/10
Burroughs isn’t a LB, Coventry play with wing backs, where the emphasis will be about getting forward for the majority of the game. So if he’s played there for them it’ won’t be for his defensive abilities. I actually thought yesterday in the first half he was doing ok. The majority of their threats were down the other side and there were a lot more concerns with the other 3, 4 if you include the keeper.
Paton looked comfortable in there in the second but probably wasn’t asked many questions.
Regardless of his errors at the start of the season I think Laidlaw should come back in, AMB brings an element of chaos with him along with shot stopping ability. His distribution is not good enough either.
Clarke is by far our best defensive option and for me should be in the heart of the defence, personally I’d go with 3CBs maybe flip Burroughs back to the right as a wing back and put either vokins if fit or Paton as a LWB.
That should give us a better platform to build on.
Up front I want to see more of D Samuel not sure what Alex brings, maybe play him behind white. Or possibly have Spittal playing as a 10 behind DS.
Probably Ben Paton as a defensive midfield but three from him, RCC, JH, JT and DC ??‍♂️


Surprised and really disappointed by yesterday, must win next week and must not lose the following week.

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