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County vs St. Johnstone 19/09
The apathy over this one.

0-0, dire game. Nobody leaves happy.
She never meant to call,
She did anyway
Hope we get back to winning ways tomorrow. Mon the staggies.
Born a highlander always a highlander.Smile
Hope is not really good enough. A win is a must after a bad run after a great start. Getting away from the pack is essential. Worrying that those below have all won well recently and picked up points. We must Win more regularly otherwise It will be another long season. We have the team to do so.
Shaw in for mckay , big chance for him , also noted that there’s no real striker on the bench except Matthew Wright who hasn’t been tested at all
Much to the delight of some on here vigurs scores!!! 1-0 HT
FT 1-0 great result and much needed win
Poor game to be honest but 3 magic points.

Central defence very sound, both Iacovetti and Donaldson both played very well. Reid not threatened much and played well. Right side of defence saw the most action and both Randall and Watson struggled without proper cover in front.

Shaw was isolated up front and I felt the midfield was below par. Very little cohesive passing and little threat. Midge tried to stimulate things and Vigurs was slightly above the rest. Don’t know the stats but shots - from both sides - must be low single figures.

We have a powerful, tall , high potential goal scoring centre forward playing on the wing - sorry but I don’t get it. The only good thing about it is Stewart’s recent performances may have lessened the interest in him. His standard of play IMO is suffering and we are posing little to no threat to opponents in the final third.

Rant over, I hope we get a point or three off the Dons next week.
Fingers crossed Shaw gets a goal or two soon to set him on his way, think he could be a good player if we can somehow figure it out. Not sure he is suited to a one up top kind of formation.
Great result and very good timing with recent results. Very happy Tonight
That was a good win. Much needed considering what's coming up in the next few weeks. Shaw needs a run in the team to give him a fair chance. We need to produce a bit more going forward. Would be good to get two draws from the next three games.

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