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County's new Captain and V Captain
Congratulations to Iain Vigurs and Callum Morris on being appointed Captain and V Captain respectively.
Both are the right appointments IMO and I look forward to seeing them driving the team forward this season. Whether that be on the TV or at Victoria park this season.
Not entirely convinced by Vigurs being captain. He has had numerous injuries over the past couple of seasons, had the "Foxes" incident, and looks to have returned to training overweight.
Nothing against Vigurs but Morris would have been my choice, but obviously that's just looking in from the outside with no idea what goes on in the training pitch and dressing room.
I remember being impressed at one of the pre-season games in Holland last summer, Morris was very vocal, organising, and constantly talking Paton through the game. Thought then he showed good captain material.
Best of luck to Vigurs though.


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