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Christmas Present You Don’t Want
If you get a chance look up this comedian trying to flog County merch. My personal favourite is “County on matchday”. It is gloriously awful, God knows what stadium we have been moved to and the crowd seems a tad unfamiliar.
I've bought one of each.
Almost an exact replica of what I see from the Jailend.
She never meant to call,
She did anyway
That's hilarious, I'm not sure what perspective (or stadium) they are trying to use. It does look like something from a 1920s tourism advertisement leaflet so I can maybe see the appeal there!

The only 3rd party County stuff I've bought has been from footballstadiumprints.com, posters are decent quality, but there's only the choice of two. The guy that runs this is a decent graphic designer and covers a lot of clubs, also very friendly on twitter. Seems like a good guy, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered, all my other county stuff has come from the club shop.
Not a fan of folk trying to cash in on any clubs name, hence the reason I have never bought anything RCFC related unless it has been from RCFC directly. For someone like me living away from home the shop is a great way to support the club still so really see the importance in this.
I must I’ve been sleeping when they demolished the Football Academy and the Jail end flats!

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