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Staggies Lounge with Richard Foster
Actually really pleasantly surprised by this new thing the media guys at the club have started. Thought the interview went into more depth than I was expecting too. It was nice to hear his memories of playing here the first time and why he was happy to come back, by all accounts it seems we hav ea good dressing room of lads.

Still some minor tech issues to work out, like adjusting the lighting and audio set up. Shooting against that window as a backdrop I'd recommend some interior light, even from some cheap photography studio lights or something if on a tight budget, then adjusting the exposure so the people at the table aren't so dim. The microphones picking up Ricky's slurping from the mug was pretty funny though!

Love the direction we're going with our online output though, felt we've been a bit behind the times on this for a while now, including our website. Did you know that on one part of our website we refer to ourselves as Motherwell? Brownie points for the first person to find where that is.

Staggies Lounge with Richard Foster here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCwZVUqJfCk

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