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Ross County v Elgin City
(, 09:07 PM)Embogary Wrote: http://www.elgincity.net/?page_id=4854

Highlights from the game ...puzzles me how a club the size of Elgin can produce match highlights yet we can’t

One for Staggie2509 as SLO - do the club plan to get anything in place to provide highlights this season? We won't get highlights from the BBC any more, and many lower league clubs seem to manage to do their own, so it should be a no-brainer for a club of our relative size and resources.

()the reaper Wrote: Len had a few. Best one, and I can't remember the opposition, was one of their substiutions. The player coming off was at the away end beside the East stand and he walked very slowly across the pitch. Len announced that " whoever it was" was being replaced by ...........long pause from Len as player strolls across pitch.............eventually. Brought the house down.

Lyle Taylor in a 1-2 loss against Partick Thistle, putting an end to that late-season unbeaten run which that kept County in the top flight. I was fizzing at Taylor too much to laugh at the time! Superb goals from outside the box by Stephen O'Donnell and Frederic Frans that day.


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