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Mini-season review
Craig Fowler - of The Scotsman's online sports department and The Terrace Podcast - has had access to Wyscout, a digital service to the football industry for analysis and scouting purposes. He has therefore made it his task to watch every match in the Premiership in 2017-18. That puts him among an exclusive few journalists who can base an objective opinion on a team having done research.

He has a Twitter thread dedicated to mini-reviews of each match.


Here is a copy and paste of the Ross County entries. He hasn't done the St Johnstone match yet. I have edited references to emojis that don't paste into this forum properly, you'll get the gist. I think there might be a couple of fixtures later on that aren't in sequence.

It takes a few entries for Craig to get into the flow of critiquing like this, but I thought it was interesting to look back and remember the matches where County performed well and deserved more from the match, so I thought I'd share.

I'll be honest in thinking that might have been more of those than there actually were - good performances were few and far between through the season.


W1, gm 2. Dundee 1-2 Ross County. My prediction for RC to finish bottom looks complete guff already. Fairly impressed. Scott Allan though (fire)

W2 Ross County 1-2 Aberdeen W2, g5. Ross County 1-2 Aberdeen. Dons with Celtic-esque 4-2-3-1/3-5-2 hybrid (Stewart inside, Logan up). Good to see Yer Da got a ticket. [referring to clip of Davies being chucked the ball from the crowd]

W3, g6. Motherwell 2-0 Ross County. It took me 52 minutes and the first goal to realise my footage of the game didn't include replays.

W4, g6. Ross County 1-3 Rangers: Reckon McIntyre would like a do-over with this one. Tactics were far too negative in the first half.

W5, g5. County 1-1 Thistle. Glad I knew the future watching this one as high balls to Conor Sammon as the default PT tactic needed to stop.

W6, g5. Celtic 4-0 Ross County. Staggies lined up with two defensive banks, and Brown & Rogic just ripped it to shreds.

W7, g5. Ross County 0-1 Hibs. Away side should've won this by about four. Is Dylan McGeouch one of the league's most underrated players?

W8, g4. Kilmarnock 0-2 Ross County. Staggies performance reminded me of opening day, which went missing right after. Jim O'Brien was class.

W9, g3. Ross County 1-2 Hearts. Considering performance against Killie, and the state of the Hearts XI, I was very disappointed with RC.

W10, g6. Ross County 2-1 Hamilton. Accies are probably the weaker of the two sides (though there’s not much in it), then they go 1-0 up, then they begin to look dangerous in attack, then they get beat. Fitbaw eh?

W11, g2. St Johnstone 0-0 Ross County. Bit more tempo and chances in second half after a god awful first. Still rotten, though.

W12, g3. Aberdeen 2-1 Ross County. McLean with maybe his best game this season. Opposite for O'Brien. McKenna (fire). Christie and Naismith (thumbs up)

W13, g6. Ross County 3-2 Motherwell. If Well start with Bowman I think they get at least a point. Change didn’t make much sense with same gameplan. When Curran plays well RC are a much better attacking side. MOM: Garydne or O’Brien

W14, g6. Ross County 0-1 Celtic. Shame for County who defended brilliantly throughout a lot of the match, especially Marcus Fraser. Brown probably the pick of the bunch for Celtic.

W15, g3. Hearts 0-0 Ross County. Hearts easily the better side, but, even though they did create some, there was still a lack of chances at the end. Schalk looked onside to me for disallowed goal. MOM: One from Berra, Smith or Djoum.

W16, g5. Ross County 0-2 Dundee. Moving Routis into CB at half-time, for me, weakened two areas. The lack of a striker for County continues to be a killer. I actually thought Moussa played his best game for DFC. Eagles showed flashes MOM: Kerr (Hendry (fire) too - Fraser for RCFC)

W17, g3. Rangers 2-1 Ross County. County matched up with a 4-4-2 diamond of their own and it largely worked. Rangers really missed Ryan Jack. MOM: Andrew Davies (for Rangers probably McCrorie - Holt, Tav and John were all awrite)

W18, g6. Ross County 2-2 Kilmarnock. A fairly forgettable four-goal game. It basically hinged on the CMs for both sides. County edged in first half with JOB shining, Killie dominated second half with Mulumbu on fire.

W19, g4. Hamilton 3-2 Ross County. Weird one. Accies weren’t really at it for a lot of the game, especially in attack, and scored three times. County seemed to spend the entire game a goal down. Also, the two boys that got sent off were two of the better players.

W20, g3. Hibs 2-1 Ross County. Bit of a dilemma for Lennon. Bartley and Murray are the type of players made for Edinburgh derbies, and yet Hibs looked a lot better without them here. Same old same old for RC. MOM: McGeouch, Barker or Stokes.

W21, g5. Ross County 1-1 St Johnstone. Very entertaining second half, especially the last 20 mins or so with both sides going for it. Performances of the season so far from the likes of Chow, Schalk and (sub) Mckay. Fraser was still the best, tho. (Millar for Saints.)

W22, g5. Partick Thistle 2-0 Ross County. County were the better side until Andrew Davies literally gave away a goal. Thistle much improved after Conor Sammon came off the bench.

W23, g3. Motherwell 2-0 Ross County. Jesus that was not a good match to immediately follow [from a different, entertaining match]. Second half was better, even if the game was over by then. Ciftci had some real nice touches. Main is like a more mobile Bowman. Kipre is still class.

W24, g2. Ross County 1-2 Rangers. Very impressed by the visitors in the first half but, typically of them against some of the division's weaker teams, they failed to keep it up for 90 mins. N'Gog can't get match fit quickly enough for County.

W25, g4. Ross County 2-4 Aberdeen. Kenny McLean has been surprisingly brilliant since being sold to Norwich and loaned back. County's midfield two of Draper and Cow were shocking.

W26, g2. Dundee 1-4 Ross County. Big fan of 1) DKD, 2) Holt's inability to trap a ball, 3) Dundee's bizarre winger-less-but-not-quite-a-diamond formation, 4) County taking the ball into the corner with five minutes left at 3-1, 5) Parish's attempt at saving the 2nd, 6) the booing

W27, g1. Ross County 1-1 Hearts. Levein's decision to change from a 4-1-4-1 to a narrow 4-4-2 at 1-0 was baffling. Completely freed up Naismith who had barely been in the game until that point.

W28, g5. St Johnstone 2-0 Ross County. Staggies fans complained about long ball. In the first half it had a purpose, but when they won second ball they were incapable of doing anything threatening with it. Chris Kane is starting to win me round. In really good form of late.

W29, g4. Ross County 4-0 Partick Thistle. Thistle’s defending was absolutely horrendous in this one. They also missed Cerny with Scully not covering himself in glory at a couple of the goals.

W30, g5. Kilmarnock 3-2 Ross County. Impressed by the continued improvement in Lee Erwin. Looking back to the player we remembered at Motherwell. This one heavily flattered County.

W31, g6. Ross County 2-2 Hamilton Accies. County will be kicking themselves for not winning this. Unfortunately for them they couldn't live with the introduction of Dougie Imrie, rolling back the years as a central attacking midfielder in a mad five-minute spell.

W32, g4. Celtic 3-0 Ross County. 'His hair is fine, he scores BELTERS all the time...' So chuffed to see Armstrong playing at his best again. The guy is just magic. As for the rest, RC may have got a man sent off, but Celtic were up for this one from the start.

W33, g3. Ross County 1-1 Hibs. First time in a few weeks Hibs have had to change formation, going back to a 4-4-2 later on and being direct towards Shaw and Kamberi after RC did a good job of restricting chances. Worked though.

W34, g5. Ross County 0-0 Motherwell. The second half of this wasn't that bad. Both teams played with real urgency. Just a lack of quality in the final third. First half had a lack of quality in every facet.

W35, g2. Hamilton 2-0 Ross County. The penalty decided the game. County had edged it to that point but their heads went down immediately after the goal. Redmond impressed off the bench for Accies, which helped them kill off RC.

W36, g6. Partick Thistle 1-1 Ross County. Really good game, this. Both teams had spells where they were well on top and each should have netted more than the one they did.

W37, g5. Ross County 0-1 Dundee. Jason Naismith was, like, the only attacking outlet for County. They started brightly but faded fast. Some miss by N’Gog at the end.


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