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Celtic Easter Sunday
Fantastic result. Due a bit of luck as well!

Brown red card is 100% correct but the more i see Schalks dive the worse it gets....
1st of all a great point,could be argued we deserved a draw after 2nd half performance
Thought chow and O'Brien worked well together plenty of hard graft and O'Brien has that attacking sense, at the back Davies/Naismith/Fraser were solid made dembele look anonymous, disappointed with Celtic 2nd goal could have been prevented.
Obviously all attention is drawn to schalks dive, in real time it was clear it was a dive and I thought the ref was going to book him, however although schalk has dived it was the officials who made the decision.
This incident will be replayed all over Europe and does not reflect well on our club.
Unfortunately Alex is now going to miss some of the crucial run in and with Boyce suspended for Motherwell this leaves us short of options up front, also schalk will now have a reputation as a diver and this will influence referees decisions in the future.
Furthermore I hope Alex is not hounded by the media for this incident as this may affect his decision regarding a contract extension, for me he is a great asset to our team and would love him to stay but if he feels he is being victimised by media he may well choose to play his football in another country...
(04-16-2017, 10:22 PM)Pete The Jakey Wrote: What a wonderful day out. I do love a Scott Brown meltdown. He's a complete thug, and I do not want to see him in a Scotland top again. Reminiscent of Brown vs Kovacevic..?

Midges header was sublime, and I thought Kenny V was solid at the back and combined well with Dow.

As for the penalty. Meh. We are due some luck, and if it's against the OF then even better.

One more thing....

I've never seen anyone's balls shrink so much as when Kenny VDW goes for Griffiths at the skirmish after the sending off. Pure terror in his eyes.

Spotted that myself.  I guess racially abusing people on Twitter, and stealing a bottle of Um Bungo from a shop is the height of his bravery.
(04-17-2017, 09:39 AM)Gmont82 Wrote: This incident will be replayed all over Europe and does not reflect well on our club.

Needn't worry, the fleeting trial by social media is long since over.
(04-17-2017, 10:28 AM)FilthyStaggie Wrote: Needn't worry, the fleeting trial by social media is long since over.

I'd also think any aggro would be against Schalk and not Ross County. I can't help but laugh at how the ref 'fell' for it.
A very valuable point, some decisions you win some you don't. Diving is pathetic, Scott Brown even more so.
Let's not get carried away, we are still a very poor side, and let's not paper over the cracks, we will be very fortunate to stay in the SPL.
Yikes, the Schalk dive looks even worse on tv! Also, their second goal looks more preventable as well, thought Fox looked suspect at both goals, although he made other saves to keep us in it. After my confusion surrounding O'Brien earlier, I thought he looked great alongside Chow, solid pair of grafters. Also love that the shortest man on the pitch scored with a header, says a lot about a defence...
Although watching the dive it is awful, you would think the Celtic were robbed of the title going by the reaction to this. Bit of mess to small number of seats in the away end too?

I have no idea why so many good Highlanders/Islanders support either of the vile old firm clubs.
Wee Griffiths must have a death wish squaring up to VDW after the Brown challenge!!
I'm loving the cheating meltdown irony.  It's as if football is generally an honest game and that footballers are ordinarily respectful to each other and the match officials.

You can watch any game and see a dozen or more examples of cheating.  It depends a bit on how you define cheating, but I am using it in the sense of a deliberate action contrary to the laws of the game.  The motive is irrelevant, and so is the outcome.  So a player who falls over on the half way line and wins an apparently innocuous free kick is cheating just the same as a player who dives in the penalty area and wins a penalty from which a goal is scored.  The consequences are quite different but the cheating is the same.

It makes no sense to make a fuss about one without also addressing the other.  Unless of course football is an inherently dishonest game.  

Alex will have to try extra hard to stay on his feet from now on as he is likely to be assumed to cheat.

Violently assaulting a player is also cheating btw.

I have felt aggrieved several times by Celtic cheating so feel just a bit of karma re-balance on this occasion. In terms of luck similarly this may balance out some of our dropped points over the season.

(takes off County-tinted specs) ooh it's bright out here in the bottom six!

Alex will be disciplined and will learn, and good luck to him.
FergnKetts - BestBossYets
(04-17-2017, 02:18 PM)Les Westander Wrote: Alex will be disciplined and will learn, and good luck to him.

What do you think he will learn? I doubt it will be not to do it again. Any club in a relegation battle would trade a league point for a two match ban for a reserve striker. If Fraser or Fox had managed to get anything on Celtic's second goal it would have been for 3 points.  A no brainer.

But this is OK because football is a beautiful game.
(04-17-2017, 12:56 PM)wemyss77 Wrote: I have no idea why so many good Highlanders/Islanders support either of the vile old firm clubs.

Most don't realise there club is going to have to pay for it (Judging by doing some Twitter Stalking)
Keiran Teirney calling for Schalk to be banned.

Aye, alright Keiran, these are Celtic dives just from this season:

I was speaking to some Motherwell fans today and all said it was great to see such a bad decision given against one of OF - even if it could have an effect on their own chances of avoiding play-off position.

It was also good that Jim McIntyre was honest enough to say it was not a penalty when interviewed after the match.

If Rodgers thinks that Schalk's dive is cheating then the appeal against Brown's stick-on red card so he can play in the cup semi-final is also cheating. Even Pat Bonner on the radio said it was a definite red and that Brown had let down himself and the club.
If, during a match, Tierney asked the referee to book another player - Tierney would be booked (is this in Scotland too, certainly seen it elsewhere, such as European football?).

Would love to see that applied after the match too, if any player comes out in the press demanding another player gets banned - unlucky pal, wee ban for you there.

But then I'm feeling a bit bitter just now.
An unexpected point, but one I will happily take.
We worked hard I thought and despite being on the back foot for most of the first half I thought we did well in stifling  Celtics ability to score. They are a good team but for all their good play they were getting no where with no end product. Ross County deserve a lot of credit for that. Losing the goal so close to half time was a sore one.
Tremendous start to the second half and a wonderful header by Micheal, fabulous to silence the away support.
I feared the worse when we went 2-1 down, but the rest is history as they say.

Two late penalties in the last 2 home games has meant we have won and drawn those matches instead of losing one and drawing the other. Time will tell if that is crucial to our survival but it just shows how fine the margins can be to a team potentially staying up or going down.
I am a Scott Fox fan,but he has let in some howlers of late!! Not like him at all. Come on Scott we need you back to your brilliant best for last few games. Still one of Staggies best signings of last few seasons though.
(04-17-2017, 04:51 PM)NorthernBankie Wrote: It was also good that Jim McIntyre was honest enough to say it was not a penalty when interviewed after the match.

That honesty is quite typical for JM in post match interviews.  Certainly much better than "I didn't see it".

What I thought was more interesting was that he was entirely comfortable saying that Alex went down anticipating contact from the defender, but that it did not come.  He obviously didn't think that there is any risk of a charge of bringing the game into disrepute by saying that.  Think about that.  He was saying that if there had been contact, any contact at all, that would have been OK.  And that was not just his view, but also that of most of the ex-player TV pundits I have seen on this subject. 

So it is accepted in the game that a player is entitled to go down if there is any contact at all.  This completely disregards the laws of the game which require the contact to be "careless, reckless or using excessive force" for it to be a foul.  If going down without any contact is cheating, going down in those circumstances must be cheating too.  Both are designed to confuse, or at least influence, the referee. 

But that is obviously a leap too far for football's skewed logic.
Brendan  Rodgers quote
"I have seen some bad decisions up here since I've been at Celtic but that is the worst"

Considering this is only the second time he has taken his team to our place I don't remember anything controversial in their 0-4 win back in October so I don't know what he's bleating on about  unless he means the Highlands.

How cool was Liam Boyce to slot home that penalty in the last minute after the long delay, What A Man!

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