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Montrose vs Ross County - Sat 16 July
Can you believe it?  It seems like the season's only just ended and we're starting properly again on Saturday, away to Montrose in our first game of the new League Cup group section.

It's essentially a glorified pre-season friendly, but hopefully the slight competitive edge will make it an interesting spectacle.  I've never been to Montrose before so I'm looking forward to a summer's afternoon trip to the seaside.

Having seen the two warm-up games (I hesitate to say "friendlies", because they weren't!) out in Hungary already, my guess at a starting XI would be:

Cikos Davies McEveley Foster
Franks Irvine Woods Gardyne
Curran Schalk

But to be honest, it's very difficult to call.  I'd say only Fox, Cikos, Davies, Irvine and Woods are guaranteed to start where I've selected them.

Also worth remembering that if it's a draw at full-time then the game goes directly to a penalty shoot-out.  The winner of that gains a bonus point, which'll be exciting.

ETA: For those up north, there is a bus running - http://www.rosscountyfootballclub.co.uk/...avel-info/
Like to see
Cikos Robertson Davies McEveley
Gardyne Irvine Woods Foster
Curran Schalk

If they flood midfield then without changing personel it can become
--------Robertson Davies McEveley
Cikos-------Irvine -----Woods ------Foster
Gardyne ------------------Schalk
Robertson's injured I believe. Should be back in a couple of weeks. I'd hazard a guess at the same team Forfinn posted above, but I'd expect the back 5 will be a stick on from what I've seen (and considering Quinn was out too) of:

Cikos Davies McEveley Foster
.: Ours, is the Fury :.

Maybe Davies will still play, but I'm sure I saw on SM that McEveley's partner just had a baby, so maybe he has time off?

Seemingly the British Legion beside the ground welcome visitors for you thirsty people.
Lovejoy in for Irvine, presumably?

Hard to pick a team for this as it's essentially an elevated pre-season friendly.

Davies might have to play as I assume Fraser, Robertson and Boyd aren't fit.

Fox and Cikos seem guaranteed of their places, Woods, Gardyne and Franks also, but all the other positions seem up for grabs at this point.
Quinn still recovering after a groin op (P&J)

What's our starting XI shaping up like?
I'm assuming nothing of note has happened, other than Davies going off injured?
0-1 ☺
Graham penalty 86th minute. 

No idea of any other details other than the above I'm afraid.
You'd think Sportsound would have had a reporter at our game, Cup holders and all that.
But no, all attention today on Sevco at Motherwell.

Look forward to reports of those that made the trek.

I know it's our first game of the season and I know we lost 2 of our best players this week but we should be beating a league 2 side more than 1-0
Considering no teams will be fully sharp yet, and that midfield will have been horribly balanced I'm quite happy with that result. We got humiliated the last time we played that midfield.
.: Ours, is the Fury :.

Montrose raised their game considerably today where as we just plodded through it.. Midge played well again and we improved when curran came on.
Woods showed some tremendous skill at times,especially with a acrobatic attempt at goal and a shot that hit the crossbar,unfortunately he made one or two mistakes as well and was berated by some for it (poor show) ....
The disallowed goal should have stood,there is a video of it on Facebook and Twitter ,Boyce seems to headbutt the post and not touch the ball,he wasn't offside anyway..
Big Brian did well when he came on and took the penalty well ...(video of that on Facebook and Twitter also )

The new signings seemed to cope well and will get better with games and getting to know their team mates.
The need to up their game for next Saturday though ....I remember our last cup game at our place against them..
Wasn't pleasant .....

Another good away day with the usual suspects ....
(07-16-2016, 09:26 PM)Strathpefferstaggie Wrote: I know it's our first game of the season and I know we lost 2 of our best players this week but we should be beating a league 2 side more than 1-0

We've lost Jackson, who's the other one?
To the reply above Davies has left well he's still at the club but is looking to leave
(07-17-2016, 08:26 PM)Strathpefferstaggie Wrote: To the reply above Davies has left well he's still at the club but is looking to leave

So just the one player currently left then???????

I remember when Brittain left the 1st time, oh no wait........ I don't!!!!!

My point is, he's not left yet!!!!!!
Had a very enjoyable day out on Saturday - despite the game of musical trains to get back to Edinburgh afterwards thanks to the Scotrail strike. We ended up spending a couple of hours in a pub in Perth!

Admittedly, the game itself was by far the worst part of the day. Classic pre-season stuff. We were going through the motions while Montrose were well up for it: "Don't give **** all away!", being the impassioned shout from their number 8 in the second half.

The starting XI was reasonable enough, apart from van der Weg starting at left back instead of Foster. Against someone so obviously weaker than us, his pace and attacking ability would have been ideal. But as I said, it was classic pre-season stuff so I assume McIntyre was looking instead to give big Kenny the game time to improve his fitness and help him settling in to the club.

We could, and should, have scored earlier in the game. Had we managed that then I think there'd have been a few more, but the important thing is we got the win in the end. I was kinda looking forward to a penalty shoot-out when there were only a few minutes left and it was 0-0, but on balance it was better to seal it in normal time and get three points rather than just one or two!

It was also great to get back to a proper old school ground for a change. We wandered round to the open terracing behind the far goal. Nice and nostalgic. And only £12 to get in as well.

So in summary, we got the win and that's all that really matters. We've got Raith next weekend and the guys will be more prepared for that after another week's training. Win that and we can focus on giving the rest of the squad game time against Alloa and Cove.
Anyone have the team list from the game? Can't believe the season is underway already. Bring on the nervous weeks ends again....
(07-19-2016, 11:33 AM)wemyss77 Wrote: Anyone have the team list from the game?  Can't believe the season is underway already.  Bring on the nervous weeks ends again....

Starting XI, with subs in brackets after the player they came on for:

Cikos Davies (Robertson) McEveley van der Weg
Franks McShane Woods Gardyne
Boyce (Graham) Schalk (Curran)

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