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Ross County Website Accidentally Deleted!
Ross County FC's website accidentally deleted   Sad

The website of Scottish League Cup winners Ross County has been accidentally deleted, causing problems for the club selling tickets.
The Dingwall-based Scottish Premiership outfit uses web hosting firm 123-reg.
The company, which hosts 1.7m sites in the UK, has said an error made during maintenance "effectively deleted" what was on some of their servers! 

David O'Connor, of Ross County, said the issue came amid the club's build up to Sunday's game against Celtic.
He said: "Online is a crucial part of our ticket sales, selling merchandise and the website is where fans go to to reserve seats on buses and find match information."

Mr O'Connor said the website went down on Saturday and efforts were being made to restore services.
He said supporters could contact the club by phone - 01349 860860 - or visit the stadium to buy tickets.
But he added: "Coming to the ground is not easy for the fan who works nine to five. Our fan base is always widely spread out across the Highlands and it means supporters having to travel quite a distance to get to Dingwall."

Earlier this week, 123-reg started a "recovery process", but advised customers with their own data backup to rebuild their own websites.
Supporter Liaison Officer 

I did wonder if this is why the site went off-line on Sunday especially when it wasn't back up on Monday.

Also from the twitter account - you can still access the ticket site directly as it is not hosted at 123-reg.


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