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Scottish Parliament Election 2016
Less than a month to go until the 2016 Scottish Parliament election and the campaign is starting to hot up.  A poll out today suggests the SNP will increase their majority, Labour will hold on to second place, and the Greens will overtake the Lib Dems to move in to fourth.

[Image: 425960-seat-predictor.jpg]

There's also an online app you can use to work out which party best suits your opinions - http://www.scotvote16.com/#!/

I see today's Holyrood election has gripped OTB in much the same way as it has the rest of the country...
I look forward to tomorrow when there won't be a pile of leaflets through the letterbox! Seriously haven't read a single one of them. Does anyone?

I think we're all voted out over the last 19 months.
.: Ours, is the Fury :.

Election factoid:

Highland League referee Douglas Ross (evidently not content with the level of abuse he gets in his day job) is now a Tory MSP on the North East Scotland list
"The heart of the club is the fan. The board and the chairman are custodians. The staff are transient. But the fan is there forever"

Roy Macgregor, April 2013

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