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Fitba Crazy - Ladbrokes
I was wondering if we can find someone from this forum to represent the fine name of Ross County in our Fitba Crazy fans feature. As Ladbrokes now sponsor all four leagues, we are looking to give Scottish footy as much publicity as we can, and get the fans involved. 

We are looking for high profile figures from message boards of each of the 42 clubs to hopefully agree to an interview and club quiz, much like this previous one - http://news.ladbrokes.com/spfl/scottish-...gston.html 

Get nominating your representative now!
Has to be Buff for me.
Gudgie67 aka Gadgie67
(10-06-2015, 03:54 PM)I\m gudgie67 Wrote: Has to be Buff for me.

Seconded. His insight into the local area/local players is stunning.
Agreed on RSB
Supporter Liaison Officer 

It's a universal pick. The Eurovision hasn't been this one sided side since Brotherhood of Man.

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