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League Cup!
I hope we have a real go tonight, if 'they' can get to two national finals in two years then surely we should push on to try and add to our Hampden appearance of 2010. If Celtic get into the Champions league they'll not be bothered about the league cup, Aberdeen and Hearts are the only other top flight teams I'd worry about. Sevco haven't faced a decent team yet so we don't know how good they may or may not be and apart from QOS away there shouldn't be anyone else from the lower leagues that, if we approach correctly, we can't beat.
C'mon County give us something to get excited about!!
(08-25-2015, 12:44 PM)RSCStaggie Wrote: Why rest players when there is an international break coming up.

It's not about resting players, it's about keeping the whole squad stimulated and involved. I would think ignoring them for this match would do more damage than losing one in 5 or whatever the odds may be.
I would like to see a team along these lines
Foster Robertson Boyd Holden
Franks Murdoch McShane DeVita
Subs. Fox Fraser Reckord Gardyne Quinn
You have to give fringe players there chance in competitive matches and League cup is best time to try them out
Play them in the posistions best suited for them and if by half time they are not performing to there best make some changes.
I do not see point of playing strongest team in first round of League cup if the fringe players cannot beat second division side
It will give the management team a chance to see them in a match situation so they can work in training on any weakness
We cannot expect fringe players to come on as subs in the league and know exactly how the players around them play unless they get a chance
If Franks cannot play I would put Dingwall on right and take in Boyce to play along side Graham
I suggested playing Holden as I think DeVita should be told to work back harder and help his full back especially as he didn't do it for Hearts first goal in our last home game
These are just my opinions and not meant to upset anyone LOL
I think this is a chance for a couple of fringe players to come in. It allows them to play in the same set up as the first team which always helps if they come in at a later stage.

Wholesale changes are a risk because irrespective of the ability of the players, it is a team game and teamwork is important which only develops with game time. Also match fitness only comes with playing competitive games. 11 players who are not quite match fit just doesn't seem like a good idea.

I'd certainly want to see Bachman on from the start with maybe Dingwall and Holden and not much more. If it all goes well we could change it more later on but next round should be a priority so no time for loads of changes up front.
The team line up
21 Bachmann
02 Fraser
05 Boyd
15 Davies
03 Reckord
07 Gardyne
36 Irvine
08 McShane
24 De Vita
09 Graham
10 Boyce
01 Fox
04 Quinn
06 Robertson
12 Foster
14 Holden
18 Murdoch
19 Dingwall
Going for it!
No sacrifice no victory 
- We controlled possession for large parts of the first half without looking too threatening. It was all passes back and forth between the two CBs and occasionally out wide to a full back, then back to a CB. Irvine was not offering anywhere near enough for the ball. Irvine would be high up the pitch with his back to play, it was a little bizarre. McShane offered for the ball off the CBs for the first 10 minutes, then stopped. We looked better when the CBs passed the ball into McShane, not sure why didn't do that more often. We need to be much, much better at passing the ball into midfield in SPL games.

- The centre midfield partnership of McShane/Irvine didn't really work again tonight. I like McShane, he has a lot of attributes, but I'm just not convinced he fits into a central midfield two. At QoS, McShane played at the base of a midfield diamond and that got the best out of him. McIntyre wants his four midfield to be box-to-box and McShane just isn't that sort of player. It's creating big gaps in our midfield and Irvine is definitely suffering from it. Irvine looks a little lost when he plays beside McShane, I think Irvine/Quinn has to be the partnership on Saturday.

- Graham distrupted our play for most of the game. No one-twos or link-up play between the strikers like we're used to with Boyce/Curran. The ball wasn't sticking up front at all. The fluid, quick passing normally between the front 2 and Gardyne just wasn't there tonight with Graham. I just didn't feel like Graham fitted into our style of play and looked a rather large downgrade on Curran. Obviously Curran and Graham are different types of player, but it's clear as day which fits into our team better.

- De Vita is becoming easier to play against by the week. His confidence seems low and he's cutting in all the time, almost Cardle-esque. I thought he was fantastic last season, but I haven't seen any of that form this season. Has he got complacent after getting a 2 year deal? I'm not sure, but he wouldn't be the first player to do that. I think McIntyre saw tonight that Dingwall isn't a right midfielder. He had some nice touches, but didn't really have an impact. I'm not convinced he's a winger, even though he's much better on the left, I'm still not sure he's a winger. I just don't think he's got the pace to play there. I saw that tonight when he couldn't get in behind the LB, so the the LB just pushed up against Dingwall, giving him very little space. On the left, Dingwall can cut in and shoot (he has an excellent shot), but playing on the right just doesn't get the best out of him. His best position is probably the number 10 role, but obviously we play a flat 4-4-2.

- Ayr didn't play too badly. They had some really small attacking players with good technical ability, but very poor finishing. They kept it on the ground and played some decent stuff in the first half, with their number 9 looking impressive. You could also tell they were a part-time team, especially defensively. With the likes of Boyce, Gardyne and De Vita on the pitch, we probably should have been looking to score another 1 or 2. That's probably just me being a little overly critical though, we worked the ball into some good areas in the second half and were definitely unlucky not to score more.

- The main thing is we're through to the next round. It wasn't a great performance, we probably wouldn't win an SPL game playing like that. Boyce got another goal and Gardyne's goal was excellent I felt. This analysis of the game is a little negative, but at home to a part-time team in the League Cup with almost our best 11, I expected a better performance. I'd be stunned if McIntyre was happy with it. He would have learned a lot tonight though, especially about De Vita and Graham. It was another chance for him to look at the McShane/Irvine partnership he wants to work aswell.
Slatefordstag someone may be going for it tonight but it certainly was.not Ross County quite a few of them looked as though they did not want to be there in the first half
If I wanted to watch a ball going back and forth across a grass field like it was across our defensive line I would stay at home and watch the tennis on television.
There was some good play like the build up to the first and second goals but as for a lot of the game it was boring.
How did Holden do when he came on?

(08-25-2015, 10:42 PM)IDW16 Wrote: How did Holden do when he came on?

Holden came on at left midfield for Gardyne.

I thought he did OK, bearing in mind it's not really his position. He's quick and has a decent touch. Didn't really get the chance to run with the ball at speed, which is probably his main attribute. Holden only came on with about 10 minutes to go when the game was dead, so it's hard to make much of a judgement either way.
(08-25-2015, 10:40 PM)The county lad Wrote: Slatefordstag someone may be going for it tonight but it certainly was.not Ross County quite a few of them looked as though they did not want to be there in the first half
If I wanted to watch a ball going back and forth across a grass field like it was across our defensive line I would stay at home and watch the tennis on television.
There was some good play like the build up to the first and second goals but as for a lot of the game it was boring.

That's a bit harsh. Ayr were obviously up for it and were well organised. We scored an early goal, kept possession and defended when we had to. The passing game you describe was trying to find ways round a defensive formation without losing possession. It was a reasonable way to win the game and although not as exciting as some would like didn't show a lack of commitment.

The number of chances we had (BBC said 25 shots I think), could have resulted in 5 or 6 goals another day. If you're bored by that number of chances or think we should have had more then you might have a very boring season coming up. Of course it would have been more exciting if Ayr had had a shot on target or had scored a goal. Me? I was pretty happy to get through a difficult tie to the next round.
I was not the only one that was annoyed/bored JM was raging at the team for there lack of commitment a lot during the first half and I for one would not have liked to br in the dressing room at half time they did improve slightly in the second half.
Players in my opinion that were up for the game were Bachman Fraser Irvine Boyd and Gardyne
Davis and Reckord spent a good five minutes arguing with each other
Davis missed one pass in particular from the keeper because he was not concentrating and then blamed the keeper for it.
I understand that County were trying to find ways around a defensive set up, surely the way that County scored there second goal was the way to play ( with the ball on the ground) rather than playing the ball upto Graham who was getting no back up from Boyce or the midfield
Tonight showed how much Curren puts in for the team
Bring on Dundee Utd let's hope we can put more points on the board
Pretty negative on here for going through....Something we've struggled to do in cup comps since becoming a Prem team. A wins a win! Well done County.
May not have been the best performance, but at least we're not out like Hamilton and Partick....
(08-26-2015, 07:35 AM)Rocco Wrote: May not  have been the best performance, but at least we're not out like Hamilton and Partick....

Oh, and Dundee obvs....
Not spectacular in comparison with last Saturday but job done against tricky opponents, and as we know that's something we've struggled with in recent seasons.

Was happy with the starting 11 on paper, not too many changes. Glad Davies was playing, won everything in the air, and Boydy looked a tad shaky at times. Cant see him displacing Robertson in the short term but great back-up to have, you know Boyd will just get on with it, he's been through it all before.

Graham & Boyce didn't really work, but early days. Are there any Staggies remaining who still don't rate Curran?
Last night showed how much we miss him.

McShane dropping and taking the ball off the back 4 was nice, but we didn't seem to get anywhere. I like him though, he's going to be a big player for us.

Rafa needs a goal, should have had 2.

There were 2 lads on top of the Jailend roof apparently?

The draw is on Thursday 2.30pm, as a seeded team we could face:


Would rather avoid Rangers, Hearts, Hibs. A home tie v Joe Cardle's Dunfermline or any of the rest would do, although all tricky.

County did the minimum to get through. No very appealing to the supporters but on the positives we got a victory and no injurires.

So far this season McShane has shown to be not up to SPL standard yet. Last night was a chance for him to shine against a team more at his level. He didn't. Hopefully he will come on but at the moment i don't think he can be risked againt SPL opposition.

As the Honest Men would say 'A win's a win an awe that'
Airdrie away would do just fine. Failing that, I'll take Raith away please.
McShane had a very good game at Perth, my expectations of him were raised by that performance as it was proof that he does have it in him. But I agree, although I'm not saying that he was bad, he wasn't at his best last night along with some others.

I thought it was a decent game, quite enjoyed it tbh. We scored early and then took our foot of the gas and Ayr were very plucky, they battled well and their no.2 right back was over lapping and doing well for them (De Vita could have done more to stop this and help Reckord imo) I thought both our centre halves were strong and steady but were havinga little trouble linking with the midfield.

The players probably got a bit of a rollicking at ht but we looked comfortable if not spectacular, shifting Gardyne to the left stopped their right back in the second half. Thought Graham was unlucky he ran his ass off but things just weren't coming back to him or coming off.

A stress free night, not sure what all the negative feedback is about!

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