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Former Players & Managers - frankthetank - 07-10-2015

Hi, I thought I'd start this new thread so we can have somewhere specific to discuss the fortunes and developments of our past players and managers.

To start with I've heard that Gary Miller was playing as a trialist for partick thistle the other night, and that Filip Kiss is trying to get a deal sorted out with hibs.

The way Derek Adams has been signing players for plymouth, i'm surprised both haven't ended up on the South coast yet!

RE: Former Players & Managers - john@THHP - 07-10-2015

Jake Jervis and Graham Carey have landed at Plymouth as you allude to. I wonder if any others will arrive. When Derek Adams became Ross County manager he took a lot of players who he played with before eg Gary Miller from Livingston, Steven Craig from Aberdeen, Motherwell and Livingston.

Paul Lawson is at Formartine United, meaning three of the 'Invincibles' midfield quartet are now with clubs in the Highland League.

RE: Former Players & Managers - IDW16 - 07-10-2015

Iain Vigurs is/was on trial at Barnsley.

RE: Former Players & Managers - JailendLoyal - 07-10-2015

Kiss would be a great player in the Championship for Hibs.

RE: Former Players & Managers - Rocco's Wheelie Bin - 07-10-2015

Kiss is way better than championship level, would be a travesty if hibs is the best team interested in him!

RE: Former Players now Player Managers - Les Westander - 07-16-2015

and Richie Brittain is to be Player Manager at Brora Rangers.

Can't only have been me that already leapt to that conclusion when I heard DK was away?

Congratulations and good luck mun!

RE: Former Players & Managers - Ed - 07-16-2015

Best of luck Ritchie, hope all goes well for you.

RE: Former Players & Managers - staggie2509 - 07-17-2015

Fantastic for Ritchie!

RE: Former Players & Managers - IDW16 - 07-17-2015

Joe Cardle signed for Dunfermline.

RE: Former Players & Managers - frankthetank - 07-17-2015

Congratulations to Richie, many who have done it say that it's a tough task to manage and play at the same time, and a lot of expectation with a very successful team.

Who will he have as his assistant?

RE: Former Players & Managers - murray aberdeen stagg - 07-17-2015

I usualy go to see Brora when they are playing Cove, Inverurie & Formartine as long as it does not clash with our games in Aberdeen, Dundee or Perth. Wish Richie all the best in his new challenge & hope its 3 in a row for his new team come the end of the season.

RE: Former Players & Managers - The county lad - 07-18-2015

Well done Ritchie hope you and your team have a great season . If you take the passion and commitment into your new role as you put into playing for County you should have nothing but success
couldn't have happened to a nicer person

RE: Former Players & Managers - Ross shire buff - 07-18-2015

(07-10-2015, 02:43 PM)IDW16 Wrote: Iain Vigurs is/was on trial at Barnsley.

Iain was in DW gym Inverness,he was at Barnley for Fourvweeks but was not offered anything ,he feels it late for him now as  clubs will,have sorted transfers ,he said it's going to be hard to get a club now as its late,   I'd have him at county Vigus good player

RE: Former Players & Managers - frankthetank - 07-19-2015

It's only a transfer rumour but Motherwell are in for craig samson......

Only a rumour mind so no ripping the proverbial too much, yet anyway lol

RE: Former Players & Managers - coatbrigstaggie - 07-19-2015

Dodgiest keeper ever to play for County - improved a bit at Killie but still no great shakes.

RE: Former Players & Managers - Savage Henry - 07-19-2015

(07-19-2015, 09:32 AM)coatbrigstaggie Wrote: Dodgiest keeper ever to play for County - improved a bit at Killie but still no great shakes.

Not even close.

RE: Former Players & Managers - cdam - 07-19-2015

I wouldn't mind seeing Gary Miller back. And well done Richie, still hurting about you being let go....

RE: Former Players & Managers - forkboy - 07-19-2015

(07-19-2015, 09:32 AM)coatbrigstaggie Wrote: Dodgiest keeper ever to play for County - improved a bit at Killie but still no great shakes.

Alan Creer says hi

RE: Former Players & Managers - wemyss77 - 07-19-2015

Well done to Richard, that move is making a little more sense to me now.

RE: Former Players & Managers - Son of Earl. - 07-20-2015

Gary Miller - Anyone any further info on this ?